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5 Years, 10 Videos, 300 Soundtracks
open music video project for web2.0 & exhibitions, 2008 - 2014,
contains ca. 300 music videos, (cc) by Matthias Fritsch
Click here for download links of the silent videos
& combine them with your sounds & music!

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  Music from the masses - matrix
Click here open the full Matrix of Music from the Masses as JPG (14MB)
or PNG (50MB)

For this series of works Matthias Fritsch created several clips in the length of an average music video for non-commercial exchange. The clips are available online and can be downloaded by musicians, composers and sound designers from all over the world that wish to produce and propose soundlayers for them. There are no restrictions or guidelines to follow. Within 5 years 10 silent clips are produced and open for participation & collaboration. In return for participating in the project, participants may use the High Definition video for free, for commercial or non-commercial purposes of their work.

"Music from the Masses" is intended for distribution on video portals such as YouTube as well as for exhibitions in museums and galleries. The work is an open edition, and it is always possible to add new compositions and variations. This generic model of recycling and generating new material resembles the "Youtube-Reality", where material is in constant flux.

See a selection of installation views here


for all published seasons and videos in chronological order:
  Season 01 - Squash
  Season 02 - Summer Holidays
  Season 03 - Balken Ego
  Season 04 - Chengdu Disco
  Season 05 - Riot
  Season 06 - Wintersong
  Season 07 - Millenium Loops
  Season 08 - Jellyfishes
  Season 09 - Popgymnastik
  Season 10 - Space'n'Spheres
  Open Calls
  LIVE Performances
  Click >>here<< to see music clip albums that musicians created during the last years of participation!
  music from the masses at X-freundschaftsanfragen at kunstverein wolfsburg

Installation at HFG-Karlsruhe / ZKM, July 2008

music from the masses
5 directed sound channels for direct comparison in real time

music from the masses
cinema setup for best image and sound quality

music from the masses
setup as computer terminal is interactive most flexible and provided all information and controls to see the clips

music from the masses
exhibition as archive with card-index

music from the masseslive event stage or public recording studio
  music from the masses at X-freundschaftsanfragen at kunstverein wolfsburg
The Exhibition at Kunstverein Wolfsburg in 2011 included (from left to right):
6 flatscreen monitors showing the first 6 seasons; a projection screen which worked also as background during the opening's live performance of a new produced soundtrack by a local band; a posterprint of the project's video matrix including all background details on the musicians; a monitor showing all documentations of previous live performances
music from the masses at EMAF 2010
Exhibition as video matrix at Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, EMAF, Osnabrück, 2010
  music from the masses at goethe-institut athen
Youtube-User-Best-Off-Loop on Flatscreen (left), Project-Matrix-Poster (middle) and Computer-Terminal (right)
presentation at the Goethe-Institut Athen, 2012
1 flatscreen with all contributions for each season, presentation at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan, 2013
Photo © Lee Wen Cheng
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