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open music video project for web2.0 & installation, 2008 - 2012,
will contain appr. 200 to 300 music clips, (cc) by Matthias Fritsch

Click here if you want to download the
silent videos to produce your soundtracks
  Season 03 - Balken Ego
For the Open Music Video Project MUSIC FROM THE MASSES Season 03 Matthias Fritsch created a silent 3,5 minute zombi clip with material from the berlin fashion project "Balken Ego". The clip is available online and has been downloaded by musicians, composers and sound designers from all over the world to produce and propose soundlayers for them. There were no restrictions or guidelines to follow. Within 5 years, the aim is to produce 10 silent clips open for participation & collaboration. In return for participating in the project, participants may use the High Definition video for free, for commercial or non-commercial purposes of their work.

"Music from the Masses" is intended for distribution on video portals such as YouTube as well as for exhibitions in museums and galleries. The work is an open edition, and it is always possible to add new compositions and variations. This generic model of recycling and generating new material resembles the "Youtube-Reality", where material is in constant flux.