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Spielfilm, 2002-2003, color, 4 min, dsl  stills  still (300dpi) print interview
For most of us, it will present no problem to cope with the most different technical aids day by day. However, this film proves: It can be a real challenge to use an ordinary escalator. And it is certainly not an easy task either to shoot a 4--minute-film aboute it.

We shot this Film in 2002 in Madrid. Took us 1 day to find the cast, 1 day to shoot and 1 or 2 days to edit. The film won the "German Next Generation" award at the student filmfestival "sehsüchte" in Potsdam. The original soundtrack was an uncleared song by the wise guys. Smoothcut created the original soundtrack after we got the award.


David Muñoz Laso (director, storyboard, idea)
Matthias Fritsch (camera, cut, production)
Nadin Tettschlag (production assistance)

Music by smoothcut.de
Cast (in order of appearance:
Antonio Daniel Garcia (protagonist)
Juan de Dios Ledesma Osuna (curious guy)
Antonio Vega Lopez (shy guy)
Pilar Bastardés (pretty girl)
Miriam Millán (big girl)
Eduardo Guerrero (angry guy)
"Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis" - "german next generation"
"sehsüchte"-Festival Potsdam 2003 info

  stillpicture of M stillpicture of M