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original title: GESTÜRZTER TURM
© Matthias Fritsch 2007
installation with video loop, color, no sound

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A videoinstallation with a turned over socket. It seems that somebody has demolished the work. On the floor there is a note of the organisers which says:

Dear visitors,
this work of art became victim of an unfortunate act of deliberate destruction. As a monument against vandalism we will not set up this work again. For the protection of the further works of art we see ourselves unfortunately forced to use the services of a professional security company. In order to cover the additional costs, we must raise an entrance fee 5 euro starting from tomorrow . We ask for your understanding.

flatscreen, controlled by computer or HD-DVD player, socket, cable, sign on the floor

comment by the artist

This installation changes during the show. At the opening it is presented as an intact Monitor installation. In one of the following days it has to be crashed down outside of the shows opening hours. The original name crashed tower should be only written in the catalogue. The sign on the floor has to be adjusted to the shows circumstances. The first time the work was shown in a show with free entrance.

  crashed tower sign

final state of exhibitionperformance during 1234567 festival in HFG-Karlsruhe, 2007