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panorama installation for single room
5 video channels, DVD Player with Dataton Control
5.1 surround sound, head phones with narrative audio
Matthias Fritsch 2005

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You find yourself in a forest of giant tulips. It smells like artificial flowers and sometimes you see a naked pregnant woman walking between the flowers. There are chairs in the room. Via headphones you can listen to an english monologue of a Dutch woman. It is not very clear what she is talking about, but there is something wrong...

Matthias Fritsch (concept, visualisation)
Melissa de Raaf (text, actress)
Tim Eastman (atmospheric sound)
Best presentation as a 300 degree panorama.

room with Hexagon of five screens, 5 video projectors (same model), 5 DVD-players (same model) & syncronisation hardware 2-4 active speakers, 1-3 chairs, each one with headphone and cd-players