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  the world shortest video - now even shorter

  © Matthias Fritsch 2006
VHS-Tape, color, no sound

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A new edition of the world shortest video from 2003. It was possible to shorten it to 50% of its original duration!

Because this video consists only of one half frame it is its beginning and end. The duration is the time which a TV set need to screen one half image. That's 1/50 of a second for the PAL and 1/60 of a second for the NTSC version.
TV set, VHS player and VHS tape.
The tape is inserted. The viewer has to press the Play button to start the tape. Due technical reasons there is a prerun of black pictures before the shortest video starts. The player is rewinding the tape automatically after reaching the end.

Installation view at exhibition Plattform [1000] at the Shedhalle in Tübingen, May 2007