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  The soil we lived of
2-channel-installation, color, no sound, 3:45min & 4:15min, Matthias Fritsch 2018
Over the last 60 years, the fertility of most arable soils has declined rapidly. This is due to farmers' modern farming methods aimed at short-term efficiency, which removes too much organic material from the fields and expose the topsoil to direct erosion by sun and wind.

From year to year less and less new humus is produced and formerly fertile soil is lost. According to the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam the erosion rate at the moment is 24 billion tons of top soil every year. Thats 3 tons per human on this planet.
  The soil we lived of
Front channel
  The soil we lived of
Back channel
  The soil we lived of
Installation view @ Akademie für Suffizienz, Reckenthin, August 2018
  presentation guidelines
two channel installation, free hanging nontransparent screen in the middle of the room with 16-9 projection on both sides,
screen size 2,0m length and 1,125m height

preferred seating in the exhibition space should a bale of straw on both sides of the screen