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no Title (Triptych after Thomas Straub)
Installation View at Exhibition "Credits without Crisis: Prophetic Appropriations" by Matthias Fritsch at Kunstraum: Morgenstrasse, Karlsruhe, 2009
no Title (Triptych after Thomas Straub)

orig. Title: o.T. (Triptychon nach Thomas Straub)
© Matthias Fritsch 2009
Copy of Andy Warhol Polaroids plating with Gold, wooden Frame, two original Works by Thomas Straub

Reference to Thomas Straub:
o.T. (Ikone, Julianna) & o.T. (Ikone, Tina)
mayerei - thomas straub "URSPRUNG EINES ENDES"
Installation View at Exhibition "Ursprung eines Endes" by Thomas Straub at "Mayerei", Karlsruhe, 2008

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