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original Title: TOTE
videoprojektion (HD), color, sound, © Matthias Fritsch 2007

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Matthias Fritsch shows last pictures in his video installation "The Dead". On a cemetery in Moskow Fritsch captured the photos of the deceased on gravestones. In this one-hour loop those, which lived once, move again at our eye past: a Mrs. with fashionable hair-style, an old farmer's wife with narrow lips, broken in courses and strictly after back combed hair, an old married couple. Then the camera zoomes closer to the small Medaillons, however the picture does not become sharper, since its dissolution is too small. Death extracted the deceased already long from our access.

Annette Hoffmann, Regioartline, 1.2.2007

The diagonal of the projection should be arround 6 meters long, The projection itself has to reach the floor level with it's downside.

wall or 16-9 screen for projection with a diagonal size of 6 meters, HD equipement such as a HD-projector and computer or HD-DVD-player
installation at 1234567 festival for media art in Hfg-Karlsruhe / ZKM, 2007