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paradise garden
still from the Videography
© Matthias Fritsch 2008
Loop, 16-10, Farbe, Ton

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This video, in isometric perspective of strategic computer games such as Sim City, depicts a construction site of an unfinished garden in a huge modern apartment comlex in Shin Zhen – China’s boom town which has grown within the last 20 years from a village to a city of more then 70 km diameter. Like ants the workers build up a palm garden and artificial riverside. An appartement in one of those blocks can be seen as a new Chinese dream. It also stands for the existing class society in China as only wealthy people can afford to realize this dream.

The videography should be shown on a wide computer screen or as a wand filling projection.

technical requirements
computer or HD-DVD player and HD projector or flat screen (Ratio: 16-10); size of video: 1920x1200 pixels, active speakers.