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visualisation of the installation setting (autumn version)

Installation, 2003, color, 3 walls
© Matthias Fritsch 2007



Autumn version (2003):
Imagine stepping into a room and a hard wind blows arround your nose. The projections on the walls show a scenery in the middle of bushes. These are penetrated by a very hard wind. The wind is staged also in the exhibition space with a big ventilator. There are closes of one person on the floor in the middle of the space.

Winter version (2003):
Imagine you step into a room with very low temperatures. Its cold. The walls show a snowy forest. The space for the installation has to be a cooling room or has to contain a very strong air conditioner. There are closes of one person in the middle of the space.

Spring Version (2005):
Imagine you find yourself in a Wood of giant Tulips. It smells like spring and sometimes you see a naked, pregnant woman walking between the flower trees... --> more details

Matthias Fritsch (artist & actor autumn version)
David Ziegelmaier (actor winter version)
Melissa de Raaf (actress spring version)

technical requirements
1 room, 3 walls
if possible build a box of 4m to 4m to 4m for backprojection
3 DVD-players, 3 active speakers, 3 videobeams
outfit for one person
(trowsers, jacket, t-shirt, underwear, socks, shoes)
on the floor

for the winterversion:
air conditionering-system to cool down the room under 15 degree

for the autumn(herbst)version:
2 ventilators (windmaschines) behind the viewer for strong air recirculation in the room