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the game of life
Still from the "Shooter" channel
3 channel video installation, color, sound
© Matthias Fritsch, 2007

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The biggest screen shows armed people in a suburb of Moskow. In the background there are sounds from the Ego Shooter game "Stalker". On a Monitor on the left a drunk Russian soldier, Aleksey, talks about his sympathy for German Fashism and shows some fashist drawings on his body made during the last night party. He wears a Christian cross around his neck. An optional video projection behind the monitor, shows civilians passing by in the same shopping mall where the soldier confronts the camera.
The arrangement is flexible. The Shooter video and the Russian soldier shold be shown in the same room, but not directly on the same wall.

A darkened room for the projections.
SOLDIER: HD monitor, video projector, computers or HD DVD players, socket for monitor and projector, headphones for soldier Interview on the monitor
SHOOTER: HD projector (16-9), speakers, computers or HD DVD player


Installation with 2 channels at exhibition Plattform [1000] at the Shedhalle in Tübingen, May 2007

Installation with 3 channels at the 48hours Media Rally in Karlsruhe, May 2007

game of life
channel 2&3