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installation view

installation with overhead projector, no sound
© Matthias Fritsch 2007

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A slide projection on a white wall. It's shape suggest the existence of a big and oldfashioned window in the room.

Projection on floor or / and wall in a room with an entrance situation. Like that the projector is not percieved at first and the visitor expects a window in the room.

technical requirementes
Overhead projector, light mask to imitate the frame of a window.
comment of the artist
Annabel is a close friend of mine and she stopped to make works in that direction what i found a pitty. By this work I add an early less reduced work to the body of her works.

A central point is to imitate the aesthetic of Annabel Langes work who was herself unconsciously inspired by works of other artists as for example Ólafur Elíassons or Ian Car Harris. As in my earlier videography Andreas Lorenschat Tower, Helsinki, 2006 this projection deals with imitation and appropriation of artistic handwriting.
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References to Annabel Lange

References to this work

Ian Carr Harris