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Worm parcours in the composting station of the Prinzessinnengärten
Commission as part of Art in the Garden by Bodenschätzen e.V. in the Prinsessinnengärten, Matthias Fritsch, 2023
The Wurmparcours is a multi-compost system in which different types of soil substrates can be produced. The spectrum ranges from acidic soil to Terra Preta. The multi-chamber system is designed in such a way that the microorganisms and compost worms can move back and forth between the different chambers. The name playfully refers to this open feature and is intended to arouse curiosity among interested visitors. The size of the multi-composter is designed to accommodate many different composting systems in a small space, making it ideal for display and educational purposes.
The object was built exclusively from recycled materials that are given a new lease of life through various initiatives on the second-hand market.

The following composting systems are integrated:
Kitchen compost and herb bed
Bokashi tower (stage 1) and Terra Preta compost (stage 2)
Acidic soil compost
Johnson & Su bioreactor
Multi-level compost & worm farm

View of the internal chambers
Ventilation tubes for Johnson Su bioreactor
Veneering of the inner chambers
  sketch Worm Parcours
First draft for the Worm Parcours at Kompoststation in Prinzessinnengärten

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