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Waldgarten Rehfelde Ackerskizze
View of the forest garden, aerial photo: marcus fehse, aeronauten-berlin.de
idea & initiation Matthias Fritsch, 2021, permacultural subproject in the forest garden pilot Rehfelde, started in cooperation with Peter 'Ramos' Strzygowski and all members of the experimental gardens

The "Waldgartenpilot" in Rehfelde is a community project that aims to transform a 2.7ha area in the vicinity of Berlin into a place of food production that is both ecologically and economically successful. All steps towards this goal are to be made comprehensible and replicable as a pilot project for future initiatives. The forest garden concept is designed for 120 years and is in the initiation phase since 2021.
The solidarity-based agriculture "Rehfelder Waldgemüse" (Rehfelde Forest Vegetables), which has been in development since 2021, is intended to supply 90 families at some point in the future. On the way there, the experimental gardens are a transitional project and belong as a sub-project to the research area in the "Waldgartenpilot". They are an open invitation to people from the Rehfeld area and Berlin to experiment on the site and to jointly advance the development of the forest garden.
Planned according to permacultural principles, the experimental gardens combine several positive aspects at once and give the otherwise fallow half of the field a use for several purposes at once. While the Solawi Rehfelder Waldgemüse will slowly grow over the coming years, a social community is already being built up here through the release of small plots to many small actors, who become very practically deeply connected with the project. Through the great variety of individual approaches to self-sufficiency and their documentation, extensive knowledge about local conditions is being gathered. Which vegetables grow best in which plant combination and community? All participants learn from each other and even failures are valuable knowledge to ultimately develop the best approaches. In addition, the members' small annual contribution to costs refinances part of the infrastructure measures, such as the drilling of wells and the protection fence, so that there is also a positive economic aspect.

Impression from the early days, photo Katrin Uecker
Ecopolis Furniture
structural plan of the experimental gardens in 2021

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