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Waldgarten Rehfelde Schattenbaumschule
A small forest of one-year-old saplings still fits into a small container
Permacultural subproject in the forest garden pilot Rehfelde, idea & initiation Matthias Fritsch, started in collaboration with Peter 'Ramos' Strzygowski, 2021

Which trees are best suited to withstand climate change in the Berlin-Brandenburg region while producing a robust and high-yielding food production system?

To answer this question and to produce own trees for the plantations for the transformation of the site of the forest garden pilot in Rehfelde a shade tree nursery is founded. Shade-resistant tree species grow more slowly in less light and thus develop stronger trunks.

The shade tree nursery is a subproject of the Waldgartenpilot Rehfelde and will be established in a previously unused piece of poplar forest. Suitable tree species include North American white oaks, which, unlike our native oaks, produce sweet acorns that can be eaten and processed in a similar way to sweet chestnuts. Thus, these oaks not only become shade trees, habitats or wood producers but also regularly produce large amounts of edible calories once they reach an age of about 20 years.

Here you can find
more detailed information about the shade tree nursery

White oaks turn into a bright red in autumn
Neue Saat
Seed container for the nursery in the coming year

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