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  Ecopolis Furniture
Carob seedlings on the banks of the Spree in Berlin, third attempt
Vegetation for a warmer future, Matthias Fritsch, 2019

Progressive climate change, associated warming and droughts will affect the vegetation in our cities. In the "Mediterran Garden" Matthias Fritsch wants to counter climate change positively. He is experimenting with crops from the European south of Europe and is trying to establish plants such as figs, olives and carob trees in suitable locations in the German capital. These plants can withstand light frost if they are not too exposed to the weather, e.g. on wind-protected southern walls.

If one looks at the climate history of Europe, then there were already some warm centuries in the Middle Ages, in which e.g. wine dominated up to much further northern regions, than it is typical today.

If the experiment is successful, after a few years of dry summers and mild winters, fruits would be harvested that normally grow in much more southern regions. The bigger obstacles at the moment do not come from the climate but from the careless "weed-removal work" of the green area offices or ignorant&badly trained gardeners.

Ecopolis Furniture
  Ecopolis Furniture
Young Fig tree on the banks of the Spree in Berlin, second attempt
  Ecopolis Furniture
Fig harvest from the banks of the Spree river in Berlin, October 26, 2019

Update 2023
Unfortunately, the carob saplings did not survive the few nights with extreme temperatures. While in the first year they were still protected with a greenhouse flask, which only froze the tips of the shoots, in the second year the ground froze so deeply that even the still young roots were damaged.

2020 and 21 were not good years for fig harvesting, but then 2022 had so many sunny days again until November that there were more and huge figs than ever before.
Wine growing also works very well in the Berlin climate.



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