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developed by Matthias Fritsch, 2016


My system is open source. I want to encourage everybody to copy this system and start producing soil in the city. In order to spread this system easily I have developed it as cheap as possible. Of course you can use also higher quality materials. In case a composting bucket will be created or adapted based on my system and sold on a commercial base – I ask as my share to get one percent of the final price of each sold unit.

As DIY you can build this composter for about 12 Euro (in Germany, this might vary in other countries). In case you don't have the time I can offer to build one for you and send it to your address on a donation base. Just send me an Email to info <at> subrealic.net! Please have in mind that that I would have to spend quiet some time and work. I will prioritize the order of requests on what my work is worth to you.

  Material list
1 bucket with 35cm diameter
- option 1: Oscartonne for 7 Euro,
- option 2: food save bucket with EM-ceramic at Triaterra
- option 3: metall bucket (this needs a 33x75cm Bag)
1 sand bag 40x65cm made out of PP (1 Euro) or Jute (not tested yet)
1 Tee stove to create a distance to the bottom (ca. 2 Euro in the Internet, or something else that creates a distance)
2 click closures (ca. 1 Euro in the Internet)
2 PP-band 86cmx2cm (for example at Modulor)
Plastic fiber to sew the band and clicks to the bag (I recycle the fiber that holds the bag together, after I removed it)
Composting worms (try to get them from friends or buy online)

optional: charcoal to make Terra Preta (from Triaterra)

1 mm drill for setting the air holes in the lid (drill or nail the holes from the outside towards the inside, I made myself a small tool with spikes, see image below)
Scissors or knife to open the bag
Sewing tool or rivet setter to attach edge reinforcement and click closures to the openings of the sand bag

Feed from upper side, harvest from the lower side.
Start slow. System has to find its own balance. Two thirds should be soil. Don't add potato peel, citrus peels and pumpkin seeds. Don't let the excess water reach the bag, remove it, mix with water and use it as fertilizer for your plants.
One bucket this size can only process a part of one person's organic waste but will produce enough fresh compost for all plants in the apartment & balcony.

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A limited edition of the Livingroom-Humifier is available at the moment from Sebastian Neubauer. Compared to the DIY model this edition of 5 was made with higher quality materials such as plastic with EM ceramic powder for more steady biological processing. The prize of one unit is 75 Euro.

Link to the edition