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  Ecopolis Furniture
Furniture made from recycled wood: left chair is a composting device for kitchen waste, right chair is a composting toilet
Installation shot
@ "The Soil we live of" at projekt space Group Global 3000, Berlin, August 2018
Composting furniture for indoor use, Matthias Fritsch, 2018

If you want to change something in society, start by yourself.

How can the city of the future function more sustainably? Matthias Fritsch develops everyday routines that lead to a more sensible use of finite resources and closed cycles of matter. Taking care of the soil has the highest priority. Since everyday activities have something ritualistic and religions often work with rituals, the daily recommendations for action were summarized under the title "13 Commandments" in accordance with the well-known "10 Commandments" of Christians.

Fritsch tries to integrate these "commandments" into his daily life. To this end, he creates practical tools such as a living room humifier or a compost toilet camouflaged as seating furniture, with which city dwellers can achieve a more sustainable handling of their waste and close material cycles within their own four walls even without access to the garden. As more and more people live in cities, these tools offer huge potential when used by the vast majority of the population.

The furniture is particularly suitable for people with little living space or mobile homes.

The chairs are made entirely from saved and recycled materials during a reidency at Akademy für Suffizienz.

Kindly supported by TriaTerra for the toilet buckets

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