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Hi, I am Matthias Fritsch, a film maker and visual artist. I also organize cultural events and publish a newsletter. This webside documents a wide variety of my art.

In the last years I am researching a lot about circles of matter and biological processes. As one of the results I developed an indoor home composting system that reduces organic waste from my kitchen and generates humus soil for (eatable) plants.

My goal is to keep nutrients in cities. Since most people all over the world live in cities, why not start building up a great soil in urban areas?!

If you want to know more, rebuild and test my composting system please get in contact! Its free. And don't worry, it doesn't smell bad!
  Matthias Fritsch, photo by YeBing


  Projects in development:

Ecopolis (global city with circles of matter)
Living in levels (smallest entity for a global city)
Transport in Spheres (transport net for global city)
Urban Soil (fertile soils for cities)
Wurmeimer (create humus soil in your living room)
Kartoffelschalenacker (grow potatoes from peel)
Pilzkreise (Mushroom sculptures)

Contact me if you like to get more infos, present the new projects in exhibitions or lectures!

A limited edition of the Livingroom-Humifier is available at the moment from Sebastian Neubauer. Compared to the DIY model this edition of 5 was made with higher quality materials such as plastic with EM ceramic powder for more steady biological processing. The prize of one unit is 75 Euro.

Link to the edition

Since I believe in free access to culture my latest documentary film "The Story of Technoviking" is available online free for all in a 50min edit.
The story in short: After my film Kneecam No.1 aka Technoviking became one of the first viral videos on YouTube, I was sued and ended up in a long and costly legal dispute were old intellectual property laws met contemporary sharing culture.
So far the film reached more than a million clicks. Unfortunately a million of free clicks can't buy me food nor pay my rent – please support me and my free film project!

In 2009 I co-founded the platform Moving Silence and organize regularly events, workshops and exhibitions on contemporary silent film:

more info

open call
This silent video can become your music clip for free! Just create a soundtrack and it's yours.

more info & free videos

  recent films

The Poetry-Film FM-Biography was produced silent and offered to different musicians to create an audiolayer. How the different soundtracks can influence the same film can be seen here:

Soundtrack by Johanna Borchert

Soundtrack version by Johan Weigel:

Soundtrack-Version von Sofia Koubli:

A very rich category from the Technoviking Archive can
be experienced here by a selection of user videos:

Technoviking Transmedia

After Kneecam No.1, Buscam No.2 now an allegory to 'Big Data':

Datacam No.3 - I'll be watching you...


features, publications & interviews
Article (in german) about 20 Years of Open Screenins in Berlin

Interview (in german) about Robot Dance (part of Music from the Masses) at

TV features on Arte, ZDFinfo, Canal4 and TV4 including interviews with Matthias Fritsch connected to the Technoviking phenomenon and the documentary film. Also Sluggish made a nice summary.

Various articles were published in connection to the publication of the Technoviking documentary.
Some examples: vice, Berliner Zeitung (german), rts (french), playgroundmag (spanish)

'The Pathos of Technoviking' by Matthias Fritsch in Web Performance Today: Representation, Reproduction, Repetition by Hannes Egger & Antonella Tricoli, SilvanaEditoriale, Milano 2014
ISBN-10: 8836629717 ISBN-13: 978-8836629718

'Das Volk fordert den Sturz des Bildes' by Maxa Zoller in Utopien vermeiden / Avoiding Utopias" Revolver, 2014
ISBN-10: 3957632234 ISBN-13: 978-3957632234

'Response – online contemporary art and popular culture' article by Domenico Quaranta in Artpulse No.20, 2014, Pages 35/36

'REMIKS W KULTURZE MEDIÓW SPOŁECZNOŚCIOWYCH' article by Ewa Wójtowicz in Artpunkt #22, 2014, Pages 8-11

Interview on the film The World's Simile (in English) at ultra

Interview about the film FM-Biography (in German) at

A lot of articles were published on the subject of the Technoviking-Trial for example on motherboard (german), Nyheter24 (SW), dailydot (USA), rhizome, we-make-money-not-art, guardian, wired (all UK), 3SAT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit, Tagesspiegel, and many more
(supporters collected some articles on this Facebook-page)

Photo series Party in Keramikos 02-02-2013, 4 AM at "LUST" Magazine (Issue No.8, Pages 72-85) February 2013 in Athens, Greece

"Sounds of silence" article in Athens News, March 2012

"The Prosumer Version" article in FlashArt, October 2011, Pages 86-89

The Meme as Artform – An Interview with Matthias Fritsch in BerlinArtLink

Interview in Neural 39, Multiplied Identities, June 2011, Pages 22-23

Melke die Videowolke: Das Social Media-Projekt “Music from the Masses” Article in the Berliner Gazette from 03-06-2011

X-Freundschaftsanfragen, Review in Springerin Heft für Gegenwartskunst, Issue Spring 2011, Page 93

KUNST IM INTERNET: Wie YouTube die Videokunst verändert
Article at Tagesspiegel published 23-07-2010

launches 'Excited Atoms' exploration of virtual mobility in performing arts (Posted: 09-04-2010)

Interview in German art magazine "Junge Kunst" Issue 81 (Nov 2009) on participatory practice and YouTube, pages 12-14

recent events

July 2018
"resisd" is part of the screening program of Lightyear at the Manhatten bridge in NYC
On invitaton by Leo Külbs

June 2018
The exhibition "The Element of Change" shows the results of fermentation workshops that Matthias Fritsch did in an homeless schelter in Berlin Moabit. Opening on 1. June 2018 at 19:00, exhibition on 2. & 3. June 2018 14:00 - 19:00 in Lübecker Str. 6, 10559 Berlin-Moabit
On invitation by the curators Aleksandra Roth-Belkova und Lina Theodorou

On 3. June 2018 Matthias Fritsch will present his living room composter in a science cafe at Futurium in Berlin. 12:30 - 14:00, Alexanderufer 2, 10117 Berlin

February 2018
"City and Birds" in the exhibition Expanded Media and "Buteo / flight study" in the film program of Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 8.-11.2.2018, Stuttgart, Germany
The video installation won the award for media in space.

"Honigbiene á la carte" at kontrast 2018
27. February 2018 @ Sübkültür in Gallery Phoinix, Bayreuth , Germany

Oktober 2017
"City and Birds" in the video program of simultan festival, 3-7.10.2017, 19:00 at Sala 2 TNT in Timisoara, Romania

August 2017
20 Years of Open Screenins in Berlin: Article on the role of Matthias Fritsch (in german)

Screening "The Story of Technoviking" followed by an artist talk and discussion at Hallenbad//Schachtweg in Wolfsburg on 3.8.2017 at 19:00, on invitation by Jennifer Bork

Presentation of Ecopolis at "@&" in Hannover on 4.8.2017 at 20:00, on invitation by Sebastian Neubauer
more Info

July 2017
The fermentation workshop "Biohack like your grandma: fermentation & the future of food" together with Denisa Kera will teach participants how to process food by using old traditional fermentation techniques. Within the frame of the exhibition "Tomorrows"
15-16 July, 17:00-21:00 at Diplareios School (Theatrou sq 3, Athens centre)
The workshop will be held in English. Participation is free of charge.
more info

June 2017
The exhibition Dark Habitats will show a selection of new works from 8-11.6. at Spektrum.
Lecture on June 11 about "Ecopolis"
on invitation by Alfredo Tarre

May 2017
The Technoviking Archive will be presented in the exhibition Waffle Falling Over at Wolfsburger Kunstverein. Exhibition duration from 12 May until 6 August 2017
On invitation by Jennifer Bork

April 2017
Screening of Mastermax on April 10 at Kommunales Kino in Pforzheim as part of film program Wanderschaft
program info

Robot Dance became film of the month at Berliner Filmfestivals, read the interview (in german)

September & October 2016
Screening of the "The Story of Technoviking"
on September 23, 2016 at Museo Patio Herreriano - Valladolid in the frame of the CCVAD, Creative Commons Festival in Valladolid, Spain on invitation by Virginia Díez
on Oktober 22, 2016 at Centre de Cultura Contemperania de Barcelona CCCB, on invitation by Bani Brusadin

May 2016

Screenings of the "The Story of Technoviking":
May 13, 2016 in the short version at the MACBA, Museum for Contemporary Art Barcelona in the frame of the BCCN, Creative Commons Festival in Barcelona, Spain on invitation by Andreu Meixide
May 23, 2016 at ADAF, the at the Athens Digital Arts Festival in Athens, Greece on invitation by Katerina Gkoutziouli

March 2016
lectures & discussions on the Technoviking phenomenon:
2.3. at Hole of Fame in Dresden within the frame of accomplices
12.3. at F.A.M.E - Film & Music Experience in Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
16.3. at TU Berlin within the frame of memestudies

Before the panel discussion in Paris the full version of the film The Story of Technoviking will be presented.

January 2016
The "The Story of Technoviking" is presented in the feature length film at the Creative Commons Festival on January 30th, 2016 in Madrid, Spain
On invitation by Andreu Meixide

October & November 2015
The Technoviking Archive will be presented at

the exhibition Monitoring at Kasseler Dokfest
Exhibition from November 11 to 15, 2015

and at the exhibition RE_MANU_FACT of Festival Digitalia in Szczecin
Exhibition from October 23 to November 30, 2015
On invitation by Regina Tetens & Felix Hardmood Beck

"The Story of Technoviking" will be shown at the 12th Biennale for media art at the museum for contemporary art in Santiago de Chile on October 13th.
On invitation by Enrique Rivera